Another Cool Doctor

Yesterday was the Women’s Clinic consult that my FP requested in January for my six-week bleeding spree.

My appointment was at 1230, but Ian had to drop Abby off at daycare 40 miles away at noon, so I got there around 1115. I was ready for a long wait, but I was only sitting for a few minutes at a time between registration, assessment, and pants removal.

I spent about ten minutes filling the medical student in on my history, then went over it again with the doctor, who was short and sweet and totally awesome. She was appalled that we had to beg for a semenalysis and that I’d never had an HSG, and immediately agreed to order one for me! I so wish she was doing her residency in reproductive endocrinology.

We agreed that I’d take BCP as needed to regulate my cycles until my RE appointment in October. I’ll call to schedule my HSG next CD1…as long as CD12 is on a Friday. Good thing I can pick and choose when to start my period. Then I go back two weeks later for my results.

I was finished by the time Ian made it back to town, before my actual appointment time. It was really good to see someone who listened to me and not have to wait forever, especially after that morning’s awful meeting.

So, looking forward to knowing for sure how the tubes are doing. And fingers crossed the new RE is a little better than the last one.

2 Comments on “Another Cool Doctor”

  1. She sounds good. Actually listening to you and getting things rolling. I hope the RE does the same.

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