Asthma, and Better News

I had my follow up appointment bright and early this morning with my awesome doctor. Aaand she said I probably have asthma.

I didn’t even know until last week that asthma was something that can just pop up under the right conditions. None of my family or close friends has asthma, so I never really learned much about it.

But apparently I had the right conditions. Bronchitis mixed with some good old normal hormonal changes. I joked with my husband that maybe if I didn’t have PCOS I’d have had asthma since high school.

Anyway, she wasn’t certain I have asthma, because it may still just be bronchitis leftovers, but we’ll see after a few more weeks of recuperation and eight puffs a day on my inhaler. Hopefully, even if I do have asthma, once the bronchitis is all gone, I’ll only need the inhaler for emergencies or less often.

Regarding other health issues, I’m down to one blood pressure pill a day, from three. Yay! My blood pressure’s been as low as 80/50 some evenings, which made standing tons of fun, and was 128/83 at the doctor this morning, when it’s usually the highest. I don’t think that can all be attributed to not smoking the past two weeks, so again, we’re going with the letrozole ‘normalizing’ me.

I’ve been feeling really good emotionally the past few days. Happy, even. In spite of fatigue and shortness of breath. If this keeps up, heck, I wouldn’t mind the risk of high cholesterol and osteoporosis and just take letrozole five days a month as long as I can. Seems a fair trade to me.

Just starting the two week wait now! This one is it.

3 Comments on “Asthma, and Better News”

  1. Belle says:

    Oh adult onset asthma… I know it too well! I didn’t have any breathing problems until I moved to Kentucky and then BAM – major asthma. You are smart to listen to your doctor and take the inhaler. Mine was so out of control thanks to my ignoring it that I would wake up gasping for air, thinking Mr. Husband was trying to smoother me with a pillow. It was not good times!
    And way to go on the blood pressure! FWIW, my parents take daily ground flax seed and have seen their blood pressure and cholesterol go down.

  2. JustHeather says:

    I’m another one with adult onset asthma. I can’t think of anyone in my family that has it (my stepmom had symptoms of if when she smoked, but no smoking = no asthma) and so I was quite surprised when I was diagnosed with it 6 years ago. Although, looking back at the symptoms, I had it even longer than that, but it was a bad spring with lots of pollen in the air that triggered it to be prevalent.

    Thankfully my asthma isn’t bad and as a long as I take my daily meds (which I hate, just on the principle of it), I don’t generally have any problems.
    I hope this is just some bronchitis leftover and that once your lungs are healed all will be well. If not, asthma isn’t a death sentence, just another annoyance in life. 🙂

  3. Emily says:

    I know you will probably roll your eyes at me, but…Yay for not smoking. Keep it up even after you are better!

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