Bedtime, Girls Night, and Dreams

My husband works 11-3 and 5-10 on Sundays, and our daughter gets dropped off at noon, so most of the day it’s just us girls.

Today was one of the best days ever for night-nights. I got her down for her nap in ten minutes, and bedtime only took fifteen! She does not want to go to sleep for me. Dad’ll be in and out of her room in five minutes or so most times, but I usually almost always get 60-90 minutes of screaming hissy fits. I pat, I rock, I sing, no difference. This has been my lot since the first nights she spent here a year ago, at eleven months. I feel your pain, Elphaba! I’m so fortunate that his schedule and the interim ruling mean Sunday is the only day I get to do this now!

Sunday is also nail clipping day, and while she’s not exactly a fan of the clipping part, she absolutely loves nail polish. We have a girly girl, folks. All nail polish is ‘pink toes!’ As long as we paint first, we can clip all day long. Today after bathtime I even let her pretty me up some.

20120422-215504.jpg She only got a little on her belly, so we’re calling it good. Probably should have done this before bathtime.

And then we made rice pudding and watched The Secret Garden.

In other news, when my husband got to work this morning, his boss waylaid him to share that she and her husband both dreamed last night that we had boy/girl twins. I dreamed that five days ago. The girl was born first, and we named her after Grandma Inez. The boy’s name was one we agreed on a few months ago. Peeing bright and early next Sunday!

8 Comments on “Bedtime, Girls Night, and Dreams”

  1. gwen says:

    Crossing my fingers for you on Sunday. Inez is such a pretty name, it’s one of my favorites!

  2. tigger62077 says:

    Fingers crossed! One of Aaron’s coworkers had a dream that we were pregnant a few weeks before we found out. She also dreamed that we were having a boy, before we found out. 🙂 Let’s hope his boss is right!

    Yay for “pink toes”. 🙂 And more yay for easy bedtimes – ours takes hours some nights, others not so much. It’s just hit and miss. I think it depends on how tired they are, and finding that fine line between “too tired” and “not tired enough”.

    • aprilvak says:

      When I worked at the blood center there was a girl who dreamed every single pregnancy a week or two before they found out, probably 6 or 7 dreams and pregnancies in the two years I was there. I’m wishing she had a Facebook now, lol!

  3. I absolutely love that pic! Wow 3 people dreaming that is awesome! I hope you all are right!

  4. Good luck on Sunday! And I’m so glad to see you are getting to spend time with your daughter again!

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