March Photo Challenge Catch-Up

If it hasn’t been one thing, it’s been another. But right this minute, I have Internet and I’m not weeping in physical or mental anguish, so I’m getting this show on the road.

Day 14: design

20120318-201324.jpgMy husband has been trying to talk me into a tattoo for years. So every now and then when I make a doodle I like, I keep it, on the off chance that one day he’ll convince me. This design is probably a couple of years old.

Day 15: build

20120318-201142.jpgThis is the scary, scary elevator that we take to see the counselor, where we are trying to build a better relationship.

Day 16: morning

20120318-201833.jpgBlurry, but adorable. And proof that some mornings the diaper is still on.

Day 17: green

20120318-202021.jpgMy St Patrick’s Day festive nails.

Day 18: stretch

20120318-202229.jpgStretchy ponytail holders, because unlike Belle, I was unable to get a cat-stretch pic.

Love to you all!

One Comment on “March Photo Challenge Catch-Up”

  1. I love tattoos! They are so addicting! I will probably finally write about mine in April.
    She is just too adorable!
    I am so impressed with that nail polish!

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