I just got an email with the rescheduling of my RE appointment that was cancelled December 12th, that was rescheduled from September 6th.

It is October fucking 12th.

Is that, or is that not, the biggest load of bullshit ever?

Or should I just be grateful that it’s this year?

I am absolutely frustrated right now. I know I don’t need to be. I know I’ll be cycling (or pregnant!) until then anyway. I know I have two more drugs to try before I need to go back.

But damn.

I go back go family practice next Tuesday. Maybe my awesome doctor can do something if my phone call tomorrow is futile.


7 Comments on “October”

  1. I don’t suppose there is any other RE you can see? That place sounds like a nightmare!

  2. that’s rediculous! i would try to see someone else

  3. What?! October 2012? That’s not reasonable. Is there a different fertility center that you can go to?

  4. UGH!!! I wish there was somewhere else you could go!

  5. Rachel @ Eggs In A Row says:

    That is absolutely ridiculous. I would call 2ce a week to see if they have a cancellation. xoxxo

  6. […] appointment was cancelled. In February, I got a letter with my new appointment with the new RE. In October. Then guess what! The fertility clinic closed. My new appointment is at the ‘problem […]

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