Even More Hospital Fun

Today was my ultrasound, yay!

However, AF came yesterday with a vengeance. As in almost as heavy as the time I had to go to the emergency room a couple years ago.

So I started off the day spending twenty minutes on hold trying to talk to my doctor to see if she wants me to come back sooner than six weeks from now.

Only to find out she wasn’t in the clinic today, and her nurse was at lunch. So I took her next available appointment two weeks from today.

When I made the ultrasound appointment a month ago, the receptionist told me to go to radiology in the main building. She was wrong, but on our way out, who did we run into but my doctor! While my husband went to get the car, I told her what was going on, and she told me to come see her on the 14th, but if anything happened between now and then to give her a call, and good luck starting my clomid tomorrow. I love my doctor.

We got to the right building, but after I checked in, even though I already had to pee, I had to wait an hour, drinking water. Which was ultimately pointless, because when the tech checked me, she said my bladder wasn’t full enough, but she’d just let me go to the restroom instead of making me wait longer.

Once she started playing around with wandy, she asked if I had any kids. I think talking about kids was her entire small talk repertoire, because when I told her no, she had nothing else to say.

But good news, everyone! My ovaries didn’t look like popcorn! They’re round and not polka dotted! I’ve never seen that before. How awesome is that? I know I’m about to mess em all up again with clomid, but at least they have some glamour shots now to go on their permanent record.

And tomorrow, clomid, counselor, and let the crazies begin again!

4 Comments on “Even More Hospital Fun”

  1. Yay for no speckled ovaries! Wandy is such a PITA. I had a wand at my last appointment that was too obscene looking to post. Good luck with the Clomid!

  2. Tigger says:

    Yay for helpful doctors, and that the ovaries looked pretty! BOO for AF rearing her ugly head when you’re supposed to be having a u/s. Whee for the crazies!! (ok, not so much, but you know..bright sides!)

  3. So glad you don’t have any polka dots! Bring on the clomid!!!!

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