Wants and Needs

The homework my counselor gave me this week is to list what I would want if money were no object.

I have a problem saying I want things. When I think I might want something, I have to decide if I actually need it. Of course, the answer is usually no. New shoes? No. New book? No. Nail polish? No. Ice cream? No.

This is not to say I don’t impulse buy, but I much prefer to impulse buy at dollar stores or thrift shops. And if whatever it is costs more than two dollars, I stop and really think about the purchase.

I would rather save the money I would spend on something I don’t need, in case something comes up that I do need.

I should be sitting on piles of money, right?

But the real needs always do seem to come up. We’re always having to fix or replace stuff.

Even when the powerball jackpot gets way up there, and we drive past the billboard promising millions of dollars, I don’t get too extravagant. A nice house, but not too big. A nice used car, because I’d be too paranoid in a brand spanking new one.

I just don’t want things. I already have everything I honestly need, and I can’t justify any more.

But this is my homework, so here’s what I want:

  • A nice big house, 4-6 bedrooms, 2-3 bathrooms, a library, a studio, and a humongous kitchen. Preferably one story, because vacuuming stairs sucks.
  • A weekly maid service until we find a good compromise between meds and my blood pressure. After that, they can just come do the kitty litter every week.
  • Good quality canvases, from 4×6 on up.
  • A full set of sable paintbrushes.
  • A food processor, because if money is no object, I have a lot of recipes to catch up on.
  • A big comfy chair to read in.
  • A Tempur-Pedic mattress…maybe, we haven’t tried a sleep number.
  • Live oak trees in my yard.
  • A private beach with nice sand and no sea urchins in the ocean. Hey, if I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming big.
  • A good doctor who cares and treats me like an intelligent, competent person, who can do bloodwork and ultrasounds and whatever without scheduling them a month or two down the road. Can money buy that?
  • When I have this doctor, he/she will of course treat all my friends who are also waiting or saving or fighting with insurance companies. Hm, I’ll probably need a whole team then.
  • Warm socks.
  • Comfortable bras that are attractive and don’t fall apart in the washer or dryer.
  • An arcade DDR machine.
  • Water coolers strategically located throughout my home.
  • There. Plenty of things, and plenty of dreams. If I had to pick one, it’d be the doctor. If I had to pick one thing, it’d be arcade DDR. I love me some Dance Dance Revolution!

    I’ll even throw in some positive affirmations. I’m really good at DDR. I can make anything they make on Food Network without a food processor. I’m getting better at Angry Birds. And I usually do my homework.

    What would you want if you could have anything?

    8 Comments on “Wants and Needs”

    1. Mo says:

      ohhh!!!! DDR!!!
      I’d have an entire American Supermarket imported here strictly for the next ten weeks.
      Too many cravings for pre-processed foods. Driving me up the wall.

      (Have some Mozarella sticks for me, will you?) 😛

    2. I love your list. Hmmm I want a contractor to come finish all the little projects in my house that we keep trying to finish!

    3. Rachel @ Eggs In A Row says:

      I’d want my husband to have a great job that he loved and paid him well, an easy, healthy pregnancy, and a credit card that paid itself off monthly. 🙂

    4. Theresa says:

      to be debt free! Then we could pay for infertility tx….

    5. Can I borrow your maid? I hate cleaning. HATE. I guess I’ll have to get over that once I start staying at home. Anyways, besides a maid, I just want to get a house to actually go through. Oh, and for my committee member to agree that I can actually graduate.

    6. jjiraffe says:

      Oooh, fun!! I love playing this game 🙂

      I would be able to take Pilates lessons 3x a week. Love it, but it’s too expensive. The DVDs are not the same.
      I’d redo my super ugly house.

      I like your list.

    7. Donor Diva says:

      I would love a single family house with 4+ bedrooms and 3+ baths. But I would trade it all for enough money for another donor egg cycle.

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