The Plan

Well, after much thought and debate, I’m going back on my word and giving clomid one more shot.

Wednesday will be my last day of birth control, so next week will be the last round. And I mean it this time! If this one doesn’t work, it’s on to letrozole with no second thoughts.

So here we go again, I’ll list all the reasons this cycle will be the cycle. I’ve been on metformin for over five months this time. I’ll be fresh off birth control so there may be some rebound fertility. I’m not stressing about money because we got rid of that car. It’s time for this to work. We’re seeing a counselor. I’m writing this post on Chinese New Year.

Okay, maybe I’m reaching. But we think it’s worth another try, so we’re gonna do it.

What am I thinking?

It’s good to get back on the horse.

5 Comments on “The Plan”

  1. I am so excited for you!!! Hoping and praying so hard that this works! I love all your reasons why it will work. Get back on that horse!!! (just to be clear, not calling your hubby a horse 😉 hehe)

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