How I Feel about Twins

You know what? I do feel better today, and I will go forth and spread the love as soon as I publish this post. I actually feel somewhat like my old self again. Granted, it’s just the slightly-less-depressed old self of a few weeks ago, but any improvement is welcome.

To celebrate, a post that isn’t mopey or whining about my immediate situation!

I just read Keiko’s post about the possibility of parenting twins, with a side note about gender preference. Since I even had a discussion about twins with a friend of mine this morning, I thought I’d delve into my feelings about it.

I’ll just dive right in. I would love to have twins. I already stay home (mostly), so we wouldn’t be sacrificing an income to keep them out of daycare. We could clothe them and feed their gaping maws.

Plus, y’know, it’d be one for each of us, so we wouldn’t have to share, just swap out when we got bored. And I can’t even imagine the schemes my husband would come up with for telling them apart if they’re identical. Trust me, hilarity would ensue.

Mostly, though, after six years of trying, I just don’t have it in me to keep going and going. I think about it, and I know I can’t do this much longer. Any successful pregnancy would be happily ever after, The End. Twins would just be icing on the cake.

And if we get more than two at once, my mom said we’re always welcome to come live in her six bedroom house where she only has one child left in the nest. Then we’d just have to worry about alligators eating our babies…

Now, as to gender preference, I would like a boy. But I don’t know if I could handle two boys. I never considered that part of having twins, although most of the name pairings we throw out there for fun are masculine.

It’s fun to speculate, though, right?

6 Comments on “How I Feel about Twins”

  1. Part of why I kept putting of Clomid is twins terrify me. I’m just not sure I could be a good parent to two babies at once. You, however, have much more parenting experience than I do as well as way more patience. And now that we know I’m having a girl, can I admit I really desperately hoped for a girl? I would have been thrilled with a boy too, but I really wanted a girl first.

    Did you see an e-mail from Mark Ballard about claiming your Sugardaddy’s prize? He sent you a second one today.

    • aprilvak says:

      You can admit you wanted a girl, but I don’t know how much it counts for since you know you’re having one! I’m sure it will count a lot to her.

      About Mark, I found it in my spam folder and replied to him a couple of hours ago.

  2. TJNEL1 says:

    I would LOVE twins but would settle for one healthy one at this point! I have a boy already and LOVE it. I wouldn’t mind more. Plus I have about 6 years of clothes saved up for him to wear. Wouldn’t mind a girl either, though tween girls terrify me!! =)

  3. Gee says:

    My husband really would like twins, I wish I’d never mentioned that they’re a risk of IVF to him. All he can think about is getting our two in one go.

    I’m not afraid of the logistics of two or anything, but I just keep thinking back to the book I read that said multiples are considered a bad outcome of IVF by REs because the pregnancies are so much riskier, or the comments on news articles about twins by NICU nurses that almost all of the babies in their departments are twins or more. All the blogs I read when I first lurked in the ALI community where something went wrong. I’m sure if I was fertile and got pregnant spontaneously with twins, I would be over the moon and not even think about any of this, so maybe it’s just the bias of too much information.

    And I’ve always wanted girls. I’ll take whatever I can get shoved in there- boy, girl, kitten- but when I saw myself having kids it was always girls.

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