I Saw a Doctor!

Wow, I get to post about a real live doctor visit? That’s amazing! It’s been six months since I’ve been able to do that.

First off, things went well when we made the appointment. I was able to change doctors because they were ‘switching over to a new system,’ so I didn’t have to see the touchy-feely creeper again! He was the main reason I haven’t been there in almost two years. The absolute last guy I want playing around in my lady bacon, let me assure you.

So I saw a new doctor, and her name is April too! She was really nice and listened to the looong story I had for her. She even had a tidbit of info for me: the RE retired. So it was not some spur-of-the-moment fit of pique that had him abandon his fricking patients. That jerk knew this was coming! Grr…

So here’s what we did today: we increased my blood pressure meds because the current dosage isn’t cutting it anymore. We did a whole list of bloodwork, including finally checking my thyroid, yay! I start birth control today to hopefully stop the bleeding and go back in two weeks. I have an ultrasound in four weeks, but maybe I’ll be able to get that when I go back in two weeks. I even got a referral to the women’s clinic that wouldn’t see me anymore because I’m a fertility patient, so they can take that and stick it somewhere!

Really, I would take the spotting over the hypertension any day. That’s what’s causing me the most problems right now. I have headaches almost constantly from it. It sucks.

So now, a different kind of two week wait. I would almost welcome something being abnormal, that way I’d find something out sooner. But I’ll just cross my fingers that my blood pressure comes down some before I have a stroke.

The best part of today was having a date night with my sweetie. We had Smashburger, yum! Their veggie frites are awesome. If you haven’t been there, you should go. We used to go every Wednesday, but our cool waiter went to Spain. It’s just not the same without him.

Now, a movie and bed, most likely.

But, 2012? Keep in mind that my attitude towards you remains the same.

6 Comments on “I Saw a Doctor!”

  1. tigger62077 says:

    Yay for news! And most of it of the good kind! I know the feeling of “please find something wrong so that you can fix me” that you get when you know something is off but no one can figure it out. Where you almost WANT something to go wrong, so you can point and say “See? SEE!”

  2. Woo hoo! For the record, I once called to cancel a new patient appointment only to be told the doctor had retired a month earlier. WTF, why don’t they tell you that when he retires!? Anyways, this sounds super promising!

  3. Glad you are hopefully gonna get your BP under control and it looks like you are starting to get somewhere. The ball is starting to roll again!

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