Today’s Self-Induced Depression

I’m afraid deep down in my heart you will all leave me behind and have babies and forget about me, and that makes me sad.

I’m feeling mighty hopeless today.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

8 Comments on “Today’s Self-Induced Depression”

  1. Rachel @ Eggs In A Row says:

    Not a chance in hell.

  2. Tigger says:

    I shan’t leave you! (I’m done having kids, so no worries about that!) I know I’m not all that fabulous at commenting (or posting) but I DO read every post. Don’t know if it shows my reads from my reader if you use stats, but that’s often where I read them…and then click over if I feel I have an actual comment to make. *hugs*

  3. That’s a scary feeling. But I don’t think any of us will forget all of this. Or you.

  4. Yeah, I think about you all the time even if I’m a self absorbed pregnant lady who forgets to answer e-mail (I keep doing that to everyone). The IF community seems pretty tight knit, even once people have babies.

  5. aprilvak says:

    Thanks, ladies. Things have been going wrong left and right lately, and I’m pretty discouraged right now.

  6. Emily says:

    Oh April you made me cry a little. I have thought about that too being new here. I will not be going anywhere! I love this community and I love you! I enjoy your posts and chatting it up with you!

  7. Yoginime says:

    Oh I have felt exactly the same. But whatever happens you (and I) will be fine. It will just be hard for a while if it’s negative, and good for longer if it’s positive.

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