I Suck at Bingeing

Ah, the irony. I had begun a post about how anxious I was for Friday to come, bringing the appointment I’ve been waiting six months for. Yeah, that’s deleted. As is my appointment.

That’s right, ladies and gents. The appointment that was cancelled and rescheduled has been cancelled again. For good. Because the RE resigned. They should have another by the first week of February. Do I get rescheduled? Of course not. You know what? Screw them.

We were at Dollar Tree when I got the call, so I went and sat in the car for a bit then came back inside. And stocked up on junk.

20111205-165348.jpg And club soda to wash it down.

I did manage to eat half the Chocolate Pearls.

But seriously, WTF???

I’m tired of the letdowns. I feel like the shittiest person in the world. I hate my body for being a jerk. I hate myself for hating my body. I hate myself for getting my hopes up when I should have known better. I hate myself for being upset. I hate myself for hating myself. I hate being so tired all the time. I hate that psych meds are so fricking expensive. I hate that I can’t even put a good dent a stockpile of junk food.

At least I’d already planned to make chicken and dumplings for dinner. Chicken and dumplings fixes a lot.

12 Comments on “I Suck at Bingeing”

  1. Well, if you need help finishing that Texas Toast, I am here. Also, that’s shitty and those people need a swift kick in the eye. Is there any chance of getting in with an RE somewhere else?

    • aprilvak says:

      We had it with dinner, and omg it was so good!

      Not in our budget right now. Looks like it’s a no-go until April. At least the new guy might call me in a refill for my blood pressure meds. I don’t think I’ve ever needed them more.

  2. Yoginime says:

    oh no that does suck. sorry to hear. step away from the junk though…

    • aprilvak says:

      Lol, I could barely step toward it in the first place! Definitely should have hit up the grocery store for some zucchini and green beans. Maybe even an artichoke.

  3. Brooke says:

    This makes me want to punch someone for you. I think I might just go do that.

  4. Emily says:

    WTF! What is wrong with these people!!? If I were you I would call the new guy every week and in Feb every day till I got an appointment!

    I will help you with the string cheese and the almond joy! Hang in there honey. BIG HUGZ!

  5. […] back in September. Then that appointment was rescheduled for December. Then that appointment was cancelled. In February, I got a letter with my new appointment with the new RE. In October. Then guess what! […]

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